The whole of fashion is emphasis- emphasis on woman's loveliness.

Christian Dior

Being the oldest of 5, I never had an older sister to learn from and look up to. I had to figure out everyday girl stuff on my own- from winged eyeliner to getting fitted for my first bra, and every life lesson in between. After constant questions from friends and my younger sisters on anything fashion, beauty, and lifestyle-related, I decided to put all of my best advice in one place. Emphasis is where I can be a big sister to you and share the aspects of life that will bring out your best self. 

Everything I give to you in the form of advice or recommendation will always be budget-conscious and easy. There is so much stuff thrown our way that it’s overwhelming to keep up with it all- whether it be the latest fad diet, newest skincare routine, or the season’s top trends. This is those sorts of topics brought to you uncomplicatedly and with a refreshing perspective. 

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A little more about me…

I’m a recent college graduate based off the East Coast with my first big-girl 9-5 job. I have a soft spot for spicy margaritas, chips and dip in any combination, historical fiction novels, and Bravo.

It’s hard trying to come up with the words to describe my fashion sense. I don’t dress one certain way, but rather take elements from different “types” of dress. After living in Paris for four months in the spring of 2017, I was super inspired by European (especially French, obviously) fashion so I try to emulate that.  

Beauty, more specifically makeup, is how I really express myself creatively. I love to play with different colors and technique. I love how easy it is to manipulate makeup, and I think that’s why I feel more comfortable being more creative in this way. It’s more of a commitment to be creative and out-there when it comes to fashion, but makeup just washes off and you can start anew the next day.