Summer to Fall Transition Pieces

Summer to Fall Transition Pieces

I can’t believe it’s already the middle of August! This summer has gone by especially fast, and I’m not sure if it’s the weird weather or being at my new job, but I’m definitely ready for the transition into fall! It’s my favorite season because the crisp change of the weather brings in a fresh start. I also, obviously, love the clothes.


A common theme here is neutrals mixed with warm tones. This color scheme makes the most sense to me as we go into fall. I love matching the warm browns, reds, and oranges as if I’m one with the changing leaves and scenery. The key is light layers so you can adjust accordingly through the day. I didn’t include shoes or accessories because once fall hits I wear mostly booties, and I wear accessories year-round. I’m choosing to focus on more unique pieces that are trendy/will continue to be trendy rather than basics like a pair of jeans or a graphic tee. I think it’s pretty obvious that you can continue to wear those through all seasons, and that’s what makes them classics. This is to showcase the versatility of the special, trendy pieces we already own and how to bring them into the next season without spending a dime.




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Prairie Top

I just recently bought this top, and I can’t stop wearing it. It has three-quarter sleeves made of thin cotton material that perfectly fits this weather transition. I also love that I can wear adjust wear it falls on my shoulder, and I find it super flattering!



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White Button Down

A white button down is a staple in any wardrobe, and I love the summer vibes this one gives off with the V-neck and lack of sleeves. It’s different than the average button down, and I love it for that reason while also still being versatile.




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Printed Top

I’m not quite sure how to describe the print on this top- it’s a mix of floral and tribal and overall different from my overall aesthetic. I love its brightness and warmth, as well as how good it looks with fall clothes like cardigans, jackets, and boots.


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 Stripped Pants

I have to have a certain amount of patience to rummage through the racks of TJ Maxx/Marshall’s, but every now-and-then I find a hidden gem. These are a basic pair of black and white striped pants I found that I’ve been wearing all the time to work. I love how put together I look no matter what I wear them with.



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Houndstooth Skirt

I’ve featured this skirt in its own post, and I truly believe it fits every season. Houndstooth and related patterns are set to be a huge trend this fall (watch out for my Style and Beauty Trend Series starting soon), so this basic print is an essential to have in your arsenal. Any print similar to this would also be perfect to start wearing again this time of year!



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 Suede Skirt

Suede is a classic material for fall, so naturally I have to include this skirt! This is another piece I’ve already mentioned on the blog and for good reason. It’s something I’ve had in my wardrobe forever, and it’ll continue to have a place (until it falls apart into scraps).



style, trendy, 2018, transition pieces, tips, advice, affordable

Warm Floral Dress

This dress is the epitome of this transition period. The cut-outs on the sides and the romper silhouette scream summer, and the color scheme is very fall. This is more for going out to a nice dinner or bar rather than something casual for every day, but perfect for this season regardless.


Leave a comment down below with your favorite transition pieces for this time of year!

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