10 Minute Makeup Routine

10 Minute Makeup Routine

Putting my face together in ten minutes seems so treacherous. I can sometimes take upwards of an hour (yes…60 entire minutes), and that’s because I enjoy putting on makeup. I feel relaxed and genuinely have fun during this part of the getting-ready-for-the-public process. But many (let’s be honest- most) mornings I can barely squeeze in a condensed makeup routine. So I decided to challenge myself and create a routine that I can do in about 10 minutes.

It was not easy, and it required me to really get down into the nitty gritty of all the products I was considering including. I needed products that were mainly long-lasting and wouldn’t break down throughout the day.

What’s great about a challenge like this is it will end up different for everyone. We all have different skin issues we want to target and some steps take longer than others. This really helps you evaluate your holy grail products, and what products in your collection may need the boot. It’s also great for back-to-school season or if you’re starting a new job! I’ve been doing this exact routine lately before work, and I don’t feel like I’m rushing to get out the door (sometimes I can even make breakfast lol).



What I Don’t Do

The two steps I’ll avoid during this routine are eyeshadow and bronzing/contouring. I love playing with eyeshadow so I usually lose total control. This is the part of my overall routine that takes me the longest, so cutting this out saves me an incredible amount of time. I also skip contouring because I’ve never been that good at it and it takes a good amount of time for me to blend it out the way I like it. Finally, I skip bronzing. Timewise I felt I ultimately had to decide between blush and bronzer, and since I’m so pale I like the look of blush more.



My Routine

Like I showed above, for this routine to work efficiently you need to eliminate the steps that take you the longest. This requires a deep evaluation into the products you own and if they work the way you want them to. This may also help you get rid of some products or use some stuff up.

Step 1: Quickly wash & moisturize

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Every morning I wash my face with the Simple Micellar Water. I love this product, and have for years, because it cleans my skin without stripping it and leaves it hydrated. I then moisturize/prime with the Cetaphil Oil Control Moisturizer. It’s specifically designed to control oil throughout the day and has SPF, all while still being moisturizing.



Step 2: Foundation

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My new favorite everyday foundation is the newest Dior Backstage Face & Body. It comes with a squeeze tub and has buildable medium coverage. I bought the shade W0 for reference. I’m so glad I tried this! Finally a more natural-looking foundation that lasts all day without getting funky on my skin! I’ll use this until the end of time. I blend it out with my damp Real Techniques sponge.


Step 3: Concealer

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I lightly dab Tarte Shape Tape under my eyes and blend with the same sponge. To save time, I don’t highlight the rest of my face or spot conceal.



Step 4: Blush

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There’s something about blush I just adore! It adds so much dimension life to the face after being one flat color. I usually just grab any random blush I’m feeling that day, so for this look I chose the Milani Baked Blush in Luminoso.



Step 4: Mascara

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This is my favorite drugstore mascara because of the way it volumizes my lashes and how they hold throughout the day.



Step 5: Gloss

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These are my go-to glosses, and they are also all drugstore prices! They are all my-lips-but-better colors. The Colourpop shade is a dusty rose, the L’Oreal shade is a nude, and the NYX shade is a true mauve. The Colourpop and NYX shades have similar formulas; they aren’t heavy or sticky and wear well. The L’Oreal shade has more of a creamy formula but isn’t quite a lipstick (and is obviously glossy).



Step 6: Setting Spray

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I finally soak my face with the Urban Decay All Nighter Setting Spray (this is the Pollution Protection version). In the world of setting sprays it’s on another level. I soak my face because I feel like it really cements all my makeup to my face and lasts all day. I notice such a different when I don’t use it.


Leave a comment down below with your favorite reliable makeup products, and any tips you do to make your routines quicker!

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