Having Fun with Neutrals

Having Fun with Neutrals

I think we can all agree as to what neutrals are: blacks, whites, browns/tans, grays, and navies. They’re colors we can rely on  and are typically universally flattering. They also require the most minimal of thinking, which is great for someone like me who works a 9-5 and doesn’t have all the time in the world to pick out outfits.

People who love color probably have the opposite thought process. They may feel more comfortable in bright and bold shades. It’s more about how we are attracted to certain color schemes on a deep level, no matter what it is. For me, that means all the colors I listed above. But I like to include a twist to give them a little oomph. Keep reading to learn why I love neutrals so much, and how I make them interesting!


Why I Love Neutrals


All of the reasons I love neutrals boils down to this: they’re easy. You don’t have to think too hard about pairing it with other colors, or worry if the color will look right. If I’m going to invest in color, it has to be right. Not every color is made to look good on everyone, so even if a color is trendy, I won’t buy it unless I feel good in it. Another reason I love neutrals is because although I love fashion (and that means taking risks sometimes) I don’t like to stand too far out. I don’t think most people do, and that’s why trends exist! We like to be one of the group and do what other people do while making it slightly individual. Obviously there are many exceptions to that statement- plenty of people don’t care and march to the beat of their own drum. As long as you feel confident, that’s all that matters! Back to neutrals- you can easily influence how much you’ll stand out with neutrals, and below I’ll get into all the ways I like to do so!


Making Neutrals Interesting

Statement Earrings

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I LOVE statement earrings. I always go to them when I want to elevate my outfit. This particular turquoise tassel pair from the BaubleBar x Target screams summer. However, I would be careful when buying from this particular collection. I’ve had two pairs of earrings fall totally apart after wearing them legitimately twice. I was able to repair this pair with clear nail polish, but there are a bunch of other places like Forever 21, H&M, Lulu’s, Francesca’s, etc. that sell just as cute and bold of statement jewelry.



Change up your Pant Silhouette

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When it comes to jeans, I like them skinny (on the rocks with a salt rim…everything comes back to margaritas!). This culotte silhouette is something totally different for me. I always thought because I was short that they would drown me. Skinny jeans fit my frame and elongate me, and I never wanted to deviate from that. But I’m glad I did in this case! You can easily dress them up or down while still remaining “neutral”.

I also love to use shoes as a way to spice up a neutral look because it’s so easy. You can wear the most basic top and pants, yet a fun pair of shoes will bring it to another level. I’ve recently invested in a bunch different pairs of “fun” shoes because I’ve come to the conclusion it’s one of the ways (besides statement earrings) I’m more comfortable making a color statement. I got both these slides and the jeans at H&M.




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Nobody was safe from the embroidery trend. I’ll always be here for it- it’s just so beautiful. I love this trend because anyone can apply it to their style and WERK it. A lot of trends, like the horrid tiny sunglasses, aren’t universal. Embroidery is inclusive and versatile, and a great way to make your all-over neutral look interesting.



Focus on the Details!

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Every tiny details counts! This look would be a lot more basic if the jeans were just plain skinny and the top had a plain back. The fringe on the jeans and the asymmetrical back give the look more dimension- frankly it’s not as boring as it could be! I also love, and honestly didn’t notice this until typing up this post, that the top and jeans asymmetry match! Although not that obvious, it’s another subtle detail that brings the look to the next level.


My final tip is to use makeup. Whether it’s a bold lip or an intense eye, I feel like makeup gives me the most room to be creative and original. I have a lot of bold looks coming soon, so be sure to check out my Beauty page for links to all my looks!

Neutrals may have a reputation for being boring, or plain, or simple. But with the right details and accessories I think that’s far from the truth!

I would love to hear what you do to make neutrals interesting! Leave a comment down below with your best tip!

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